Steam multichat

Optimize your experience with our product

With Ino Steam Multichat you can do everything quickly and in one place. Add to friends, send messages, generate a guard code, check the cost of inventory, hours boost in games and much more. Whatever you do, you are now capable of more.


Fully automated

More than 20 automatic functions

for any task allow save time and optimize your workflow

Fast and powerful

Because of powerful optimization

it allows you to work with a large number of accounts comfortably and without freezes

Integrated browser

Didn't find necessary function ?

open your account through program browser, and do any action

What is Steam Multichat?

The program for merge Steam accounts in one interface, for further work in manual and automatic mode. Forget about a dozen sites, extensions and applications, now all can be done in one place!

Steam Multichat
Steam Multichat

What allow Steam Multichat?

All you need is here. Check friends inventory price, send messages and friend invites, remove friends and friend invites, boost hours in several games at the same time, that's all in one click!

More accounts - less problems!

Import accounts as much as needs. Because of continuous program optimization, we give an opportunity use unlimited number of accounts. One application - many accounts!

Steam Multichat
Steam Multichat

Can more, than can Steam!

Unlimited program functionality allow do, which doesn't allow Steam. Save removed friends, generate Steam Guard code, send message new friends automatically, view friend profiles through your favorites websites and much more!

Exclusive tariffs

All addons a free and inclusive to program cost

Choose right tariff and join to professionals!

7.00 $ / 7 days
Integrated browser
Rebind PC 1 time in 5 days
Generate Steam Guard code (SDA)
Proxy support
Unlimited number of accounts
24\7 Support
20.00 $ / 30 days
Integrated browser
Rebind PC 1 time in 5 days
Generate Steam Guard code (SDA)
Proxy support
Unlimited number of accounts
24\7 Support
55.00 $ / 90 days
Integrated browser
Rebind PC 1 time in 5 days
Generate Steam Guard code (SDA)
Proxy support
Unlimited number of accounts
24\7 Support

Main features

Some of the main features are described below.

Account groups

Ability to split accounts into groups for fast switching and import in one click.


Proxy support.

Send out

Automatically send out friend invites and messages on selected accounts.

Hours boost

Automatically hours boost in selected games at the same time on selected accounts.

Template messages

Ability to send template messages with opportunity create own variables, and automatically calculate time out before send.

Edit profile

Automatically change avatar, nickname, summary, country, privacy settings in one click with opportunity randomize data.

All features of Steam Multichat

Automatically features

Send messages to your friends, with opportunity choose online status, opportunity don't send messages users who has received messages before, do resend messages in provied time, and automatically add nickname of your friend into message.

Send friend invites on selected accounts.

Clear friend invites on selected accounts, with opportunity remove percentage of invites.

Remove friends on selected accounts, with opportunity remove all friends, only offline friends, who doesn't be online more than provided days count, remove by steamid or remove friends with tradehold.

Hours boost in games on selected accounts. The program automatically add game on account if it doesn't added before ( when choose free game ). You can boost hours on several games at the same time.

Send comments to steam profiles, with opportunity open profile who got message.

Change profile settings on selected accounts ( avatar, nickname, name, summary, country, privacy settings ).

Automatically send messages to new friends when them accept invite.

Automatically level up via steam community badge.

Clear all comments on selected accounts.

Join and invite to groups.

Clear name history on selected accounts.

Calculate and display inventory price, with display price of tradehold items.

Automatically remove banned accounts after authorization.

Automatically start play in selected games after authorization.

Change online status and UI mode on selected accounts.

Quick access features for friends

Check Trade hold.

Add nickname ( Sync with Steam ).

Remove/Block friend.

Open profile in default browser.

Open profile in program browser with authed account.

Open profile via Steam tools CSGO/DOTA2/DotaBuff/Backpack TF in default browser.

Copy Nickname and SteamID64.

Mute friend for disable notifications.

Quick access features for account

Open account profile in default browser.

Open authed profile in program browser.

Generate Steam Guard code.

Remove account from program.

View statistic how much friends was added\removed by last month.

Create nickname for account.

Mute\unmute all friends on account.

Main features

Create account groups for quick switch and import accounts in one click.

Send template messages with automatically calculate time out before send depending on the template length, your friend will see that you typing message.

Display in the chat inventory price of selected games, display friend profile lvl and country.

Automatically download and install updates.

Backlighting account red color if it has been banned.

Display and backlight new friends, when your friend accept invites, or if them accept invites when software was off.

Opportunity for fully customize programm, nickname color, background program color, buttons that you will see or not, depending on the your settings.

Disable messages of chosen friend.

Remove\block\remove and block friend.

Provide path to maFiles for automatically authorization.

Save unsent messages when switch chats.

Open authed account in the program browser for do any action.

Notifications like in Telegram.

Display friend information (How much users in the party, online status, mobile status, etc.).

Download screenshots from clipboard or by drag and drop.

Smiles support.

Search and hide by name, hide by offline.

Proxy support.

Display unread messages.

Automatically pin to top friends which hasn't dialog with you.

Send messages and comments in chosen time.

Control notifications volume.